The Second Edition of LIFE EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in 2018 was a multi-location event, attended by over 300 participants during 3 days and 2 cities.

The event was started in Craiova with workshops for teens and children, continued with 2 days of plenary sessions for teachers, parents and students and ended in Timișoara with a workshop for teachers and another one for parents. We also had the Cambridge and Trinity College Diploma Award Ceremony for the students and brought 10 educational partners for the event.

This year our participants discovered new ideas to implement in order to grow as professionals and parents, they could network with experts and peers and they were very pleased with the practical and action oriented workshops. We organized 4 workshops for teachers and 3 workshops for parents that were interactive and provided a creative place for sharing concerns, challenges, ideas and resources.

The 8 workshops for students were dynamic, interactive, motivating, practical and life-oriented, offering them tools for a 21st century life worthy learning. The workshops focused on the development of life skills and character, offered vision for future choices (career, university, fields of interest). This conference helped us change our perspective on education and 21st century life worthy learning and the abilities to develop in our children, as future global citizens.

The LIFE EDUCATION conference brought together 17 educational experts and speakers from Romania, UK and Ireland for a common goal: education!